There are 14 unique targets in Doughlings that the players will face. These targets are not just there to make levels harder but also to create alternative gameplay options for players.

As the player marches on new targets are unlocked and added into the mix at specific levels. In later levels almost all targets can be seen together, depending on the length and the difficulty of the level.

Blue: This one is the healthiest among all the sick Doughlings. It can be healed with just 1 hit.


Green: This Doughling needs to first be turned  Blue before being hit one more time to full recovery. It requires a total of 2 hits.


Yellow: The sickness is getting bad. Yellow Doughlings are another hit removed from Green and require a total of 3 hits.


Red: These ones are the hardest to heal. The sickness is at its more dire state and you need a total of 4 hits to heal them.


Gray: It is too late for them. The only way is to destroy them with 4 hits.


Stuck: These ones are healthy yet unhappy as they are surrounded by their sick brethren. They need to be rescued by clearing the sick Doughlings around them.


Killer: His job is simple: petrify the closest Doughling and run away by teleporting. Killer will be your ultimate enemy.


Flu: The poison from the meteor has affected some Doughlings differently. Flu is such an example and his sickness will spread if you don't hit him with the ball or Show Off. Every time he sneezes its germs will drop down and failure to avoid it will cause a score and spotlight penalty.


Mine: Mines are dangerous and cannot be cured or defused. When you hit them they will detonate and cause targets around them to fall...


Meteorite: Pieces of the meteor that crashed into their village will make your job harder. These meteorites will affect all Doughlings around them badly and make them  sicker  (from Red to Petrified, Yellow to Red, Green to Yellow, Blue to Green).


Totem: From the depths of Misty Forest these totems unequivocally block your way. You cannot hurt them with the ball or a Show Off. Only way to circumvent their presence is to drop them down by clearing what’s around them.


Ghost: Ghosts can teleport around a level any spot that is an empty space. They are more like a friend more than an enemy so try to hit them for easy excitements. But beware, they can teleport right in front of the ball and change its trajectory suddenly.


Wormhole: The ball teleports between  wormholes and allows for new ways to clear a level. If there is only one wormhole, the ball will exit from the same wormhole .


Pscho: These guys are there to create chaos. They will cause targets to fall before you get a chance to heal them and make your job harder. You want to try to take them out fast..

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