The player can activate a unique ability for each persona via the Show Off mechanic. These special abilities were designed not only for attacking but also to create alternative strategies within the gameplay. To activate a Show Off ability, the player has to collect 10 ‘excitements’ by healing targets and press the Show Off button at the bottom of the screen.

Morpheus - Colorball: Colorball allows the player to affect multiple adjacent balls of the same color at the same time.

Smash - Thunderclap: Thunderclap hits all targets on the screen (except for the collectibles) at once.

Gunner - Time Warp: Time slows down when Gunner uses the Time Warp. As long as the Show Off is active, speed of Gunner stays same but everything else in his environment, such as the healing targets or the falling collectibles, moves slowly.

Webster - Safety Net: Creates a net under his feet to prevent the balls from falling off-screen.

Robo - Laser Blast: Robo vertically blasts his way through targets with a Laser Blast and hits all targets simultaneously within a width in an upwards trajectory.

Bedrock - Battlecry: Bedrock screams and pushes all targets back up towards the top of the playing field. 

Spook - Ressurrection: Resurrects all petrified targets into red targets.

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