There are 4 main items in Doughlings: Arcade which are essential to collect. These items will help you to improve your skills and compete at harder chapter easily.


Life: Life is required to continue to play upon dying in Doughlings. You can find extra lifes in harder levels.

Elixir: Elixirs are required to upgrade character abilities in the lab. Each level (Normal, Hard and Secret levels) rewards player with a different amount of elixirs, depending on the number of stars player collets. The more star you get, the more elixir you will have.
Star: Each level contains a varying number of stars. Players can achieve up to 3 stars as a grade for each level and it can be monitored at the bottom right corner of the map during  gameplay. With each star level (from 1 to 3), the reward for the end game will increase.

DNA: Each persona has a different DNA which can be collected in levels. To morph into those characters the players have to collect these DNAs.

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